Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The past, the present and the future

Sorry (#notsorry) for the "late" blog post. I'm currently working on a million different projects - a million different stories, a million different people. I feel like I've abandoned my friends and I've turned them, in my stories, into completely different people. Sometimes I feel mad, but then I remember a few quotes by Stephen King and all I feel like doing is write. But I also have duties - as a friend, as a best friend, as an amateur chef and as a full-time daydreamer. In fact, I'm so "mad", that I've applied for a scholarship in Japan, but I do not know whether I will get it. If I will - I will be the most joyful creature that walked the Earth and I will write about my endeavors in Japan, but if I don't - I will be okay, for I still have people that support me here.
My lunchbox, which I'm going to sell on Ebay, Facebook and Etsy is currently drying. I have over 7 pieces of clothing to sell, and million of drawings and paintings. I don't know if anyone will purchase any of these things, but I sincerely hope they do so - for I also need a roof over my head and some material things. I have an entire wishlist in my head, but I don't feel like writing it down right now.

Since this blog is about food, I shall talk about my latest "project", so to speak. Last night, I made some food after training (didn't train in about 2 months, felt pretty great!). I baked 400 grams of potatoes, added some very spicy chilli (which I now regret, since my tongue is burning like the pits of Hell). Whilst the potatoes were baking, I was about to make my pralines again, but I didn't. Oh, lazy me! Ugh.

At the store, I was tempted to buy a package of Amarus, which is one of the two types of vegan pralines in Bosnia. It was a 1+1 deal, so the temptation wasn't a temptation anymore, it was a deal. So, I checked the expiration date of the pralines.

I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say one thing: I am preparing a feast for my birthday. For the first time ever, I have a chance to celebrate my own birth.

What I did with Amarus is very simple: I didn't want to "feed" my friends old pralines, so I came up with a very simple solution to a very simple problem.
The problem was this: The pralines are expiring before my birthday. Kuso. I opened up the pralines, kept the packages for another project. Opened up every single piece, one by one (ate a few on the go!), put them in a bowl and melted them in my microwave. After that, I simply put them in another bowl.
I'll probably make something else out of them - maybe only another shape. But what does matter is that the pralines are in the freezer - if they are frozen, they last longer. Like this guy. Or that scene from Prometheus where everyone wakes up, after being frozen for awhile.
If you are frozen, nothing seems like eternity. If you are made of stone, you are eternal.

A statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Speaking of bodybuilders, Kai Green is an artist.
One of his many paintings. Yes, that is actual Kai Greene.

To be honest, I don't want to look like Schwarzenegger. 
I just wish to be aesthetically pleasing. 
Kind of like this. 

I don't know why I'm so driven, but I'm driven. And I'm on the waves.

Alright, food talk!
Homemade seitan, potatoes, rice, mushrooms! The pros of trying to become aesthetic: You feast like a queen, fight like a valkyrie!
The preparation.

And the messy kitchen.

The pralines, ready to me melted, like scandinavian ice.

The seitan. Ignore the ciggies.

The shrooms.

Also, prepare for my vlogs. In the name of Loki, Odin and all the slavic gods, which I'm reading about, I will be the bosnian Nikki Blackketter.  But vegan, just like Stephanie.

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